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What has our year 2019. been like…

Statement, that limits are only in our minds, is completely true.

We have worked hard and a lot; we have lovingly turned 2,5 t of soy wax in ~3000 soy wax candles.

When trying to get a big job done, there are always those who give a helping hand, so we want to thank everyone who supported us, and especially:

Andrejs Lapiņš, whose persistence helped expand our client base;
Janis Lasmanis from Zemgus Poligrāfijas Serviss, who, with this professional team, helped us out of many jams;
Pm-Tm and its owner Alex Gurvich and his wife Christina Gurvich
Līga Baranovska, who helped to create the wonderful candle descriptions;
Our lovely photographer – Ilze Filipova

Inese Gintere for inspiration and great advice. Thanks to Inese, we have gone a step farther than in the middle of the year  we thought we would… and thanks to Edgars Grundsteins & FRAME it Films & Photography we now have fantastic videos.

Thank you, Alise Jurcenko and family, for loving what we do;

Thank you, Abavas vīna darītava and especially Santa Vanaga

We are grateful for all the stores who chose our candles for their shelves:

CUKURS.localgifts and its creator Nellija Štolcermane
Dzenis Amber and Daina Dzene
cityamberstore and Kristīne Grīnvalde
Amēlijas ziedu tirgotava – Lote Aija Mežaka
Made in LV.lv Didzis Indriksons
MULLE Liepāja and Ieva Medisa
Flower Cafe Rīga and Olga.

And a special thanks to  LATVIJAS SVECES and Lelde Rozgale – in this store our candle sales has surpassed every previous record. We hope that 2020.will be record-breaking year.

Thank you, Biedrība Ropažu Garkalnes partnerība, and especially Eva Haberkorne, who brought our candles beyond Latvian borders…

Thank you, MADZE, pottery kiln, and especially Zanda Priedniece
Pottery workshop RIPPA Vineta Viziņa

A big thank you to my little helpers, who helped to create, package, wrap and do all the little things, that, especially in the high of the candle season, are invaluable.

A big thank you also goes to my Etsy assistant, whose work has brought such good sales results.

And the biggest Thank You! to you – dear candle lovers… Thanks to so many kind words, you have given us motivation for the next season, and inspiration to create new candles that will bring joy to you…

Happy and fruitful New Year 2020!

And remember – limits are only in our minds…

TLcandles creator, Tereza Luksa

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