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We want to say big thank you for a chance to create some of the most beautiful Christmas gifts together with Riga International Airport.

With its diverse vectors, urban environments inspire the creation of ever-new art and environmental objects and design elements – heavy in their simplicity and at the same time strikingly sophisticated, combining centuries-old architectural pearls and buildings constructed under the urgent influence of modern technologies.

The aesthetics of Riga Airport has also been created this way. This is an environment where wood, stainless steel and glass play in elegant laconism, while solid and robust granite and concrete lay in the foundations and accents, allowing the breath of the world to enter freely through the glazed façade, while the magic of wood and stone wraps the house in a sense of safety.


By presenting TLcandles handmade SOYA wax candle on a CONCRETE base, we wish you, just like the Airport, to be free and open to the wide expanse of the world, keeping your roots at home where you can always return safely. Have a beautiful, warm and bright Christmas and see  the magic that lies in our daily lives and inspire us to rise  to the wings to reach our most distant destinations!

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