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Each of us has events and moments in our lives that we want to share with others. Of course, we want to make these moments as special and beautiful as possible, to bring joy to those who are important to us, but it is even better when we can create this joy TOGETHER.

Imagine that you can create a beautiful and unique handcrafted piece of art – something tangible and something to take with you, filled with happy thoughts and wishes, something that will remind you of the happy moments spent together. Indeed, why shouldn’t it be a self-made hand poured candle – made from natural soy wax, scented with essential oils, tinted with your favorite color and decorated with herbs and decorations of your liking?

Beautiful flowers and self-designed candles, magical scents and new experiences and emotions…give yourself and your loved ones what you want – create YOUR OWN personal LIGHT for your special moments! Make your wish come true and make a unique candle with special scent and bring to life beauty that will inspire and relax.

Come and create holidays and special moments with us in Tereza Luksa-Sigate natural soy wax candle making MASTECLASSES!

We offer meditatively artistic BIRTHDAY and NAME DAY celebrations, exciting kids PARTIES with new, interesting activities, bohemian bachelorette and bachelor parties, WEDDINGS with a candle making RITUAL…and, of course, entertaining get-togethers for FRIENDS and FAMILY celebrations too!

Because TLcandles is candle magic for home and soul, candles with unique design made from innovative and nature friendly and healthy material.

We provide all the necessary materials – you just have to arrive with good mood, happy thoughts and inspiration to create!

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