URBAN Aurora Borealis – Linden Flower Candle in a Concrete Container


Urban environment with its multifacetedness inspires again and again to create new art and everyday objects that capture the essence of the urban living as well as new design elements – robust in their simplicity and still surprisingly aesthetic in their execution.

The soy wax candle in concrete container created by TL Candles has the feel of the modern urban environment with ostensibly incompatible materials coming together creating a harmonious ensemble – natural soy wax, concrete and exquisite scent.

Candle in a concrete container is an excellent addition for your interior and an expressive design element for those who love urban style, who wants to bring in their space objects that are both contemporary and reflective of the environment they are living in; an object that in a certain setting and mood can become a cozy atmosphere creating and pleasant scent diffusing light source – urban candle.

Linden flower aroma – it is the magically beautiful scent of Latvian summer – you breathe it in and you are embraced by a sense of happiness and peace and you want to hold on to this feeling as long as you can… Gentle breeze brings forward scent of honey and linden flowers; there are bees buzzing close by and the bird songs sound like the celebration of life itself; meadows are gleaming with wildflower gemlike colors,  and waves rush closer to the shore to play with amber – yes, that truly is Latvian summer.

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V-250 ml,

Ø – 65 mm,

H – 120-150 mm.

Burn time – 25 h

Ingredients: Using 100% natural soy wax, cotton wick and amber and honey aromas

Fragrance: Notes of amber and honey

Directions for use:

  1. When burning natural soy wax for the first time, it should be burned up to 3 hours, so a wax pool is formed. This way ensuring that the candle burns out evenly.

2.Recommended wick length – no longer than 1 cm

3.For flame to burn brighter and longer, candle should be put out once in a while

  1. Soy wax candle should be placed on an even surface.
  2. For safety, natural wax candle should be placed on a heat-resistant candle holder or dish

6.For candle to burn evenly, wick should be straightened out once in a while

7.Never leave a burning candle unattended

Weight 0.800 g
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm

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