Amber sea – soy wax candle with pine scent


We have most stately pines with roots so deep that no wind can rip them out. These pines are part of us. They have stood with us through harsh winds and changing times and cried with us, and by that crystallizing our identity in amber – our crown jewel shaped by time and high seas. Pine – it is strength, it is freedom, it is to be permanent and still, but also open to the world.

Our pine candle is ode to everything that is ours and constant, but at the same time open to wind’s stories from the other side of the water…

Why choose soy wax candles?

Innovative and natural product.
100% Eco product, nature friendly, renewable resource.
Pesticide and carcinogenic substance free.
Soy wax candles burn slower and diffuse the scent more evenly.
Soy wax candles burns up to 50% longer than paraffin candles.
Soy wax is GMO free.
Soy wax can be easily cleaned with soap and hot water.
Soy wax melting temperature is low, which diminishes burning risk.

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