All new candle collection – Crystal
Posted in Noderīgi un Jaunumi

In middle of March we presented our newest soy wax candle collection – Crystal. The essence of this collection is the crystals and natural gemstones embedded in the candles, that with their properties and power give the candles magical aura.

While creating this collection we not only picked particular gemstones to decorate our candles with, but also we selected specific colors and scents, so each candle would not only speak to two of your senses – sight and smell, but also would open your field of imagination and tell you the story we have put in in each of our candles.

This collection contains four different candles – Elbaite Sunrise, Garnet Clouds, Lapis Lazuli Midsummer and Tourmaline Sunset Vibes

Elbaite Sunrise – this candle was created to conjure an image of an early summer morning; in soft shade of pink, with delicate peony aroma and decorated with elbaite (multicolored tourmaline) crystals.

Garnet Clouds – idea for this candle was born on a hot summer day while walking in a lavender field; this light purple candle with hypnotic lavender scent is decorated with garnet crystals.

Lapis Lazuli Midsummer – this candle embodies the magic of summer solstice – from early morning dew to heady bonfire nights; naturally white, with refreshing eucalyptus scent and decorated with Lapis Lazuli stone chips.

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